Are you a tourism organisation, brand or business looking for someone to work with you? You should work with me!

Hi, I’m Úna-Minh Kavanagh, and I’m the chief scribbler here at BeforeMyMamDies.com, a travel blog with a difference that started in March 2016. I’ve got a background in journalism and new media, I’m a fluent Irish speaker and have been blogging on other sites since 2011, but it was just in 2016 I decided to be my own boss.

BeforeMamDies.com is a celebration of life and travel with my Mom, the adventures we have together and separately, and you can read about how we chose the name here.

Let’s work together!

As a freelancer, odd-job and social media virtual assistant, I’m available for collaborations in the travel industry or indeed in another capacity. Whether it be writing about a venue, putting together best travel experiences, or looking after social media accounts, I have a variety of experience that you may be interested in.

I’ve worked in everything from Internet research and social media management to proofreading, news-writing, and content creation.

Despite the “Minh” part of my name and how I look, I’m very much Irish and am a native English and Irish language speaker.

I’ve got a BA in Irish and Journalism. My hub is here in Ireland- though I can work from anywhere in the world.

I am pretty flexible with respect to working hours and time differences. I’m well-rounded, open-minded and eagerly listen and learn from my clients to give them all an individualised service.

My previous clients include PR companies, museums, magazines, tour companies and tourism boards. I’m negotiable on price and always up for a challenge!

Why work with me?

Well while this blog is indeed about travel, I don’t just work in the travel realm! I formerly ran my food blog SpilltheBeans.ie for a few years and been working as a journalist for many years too. I have a wealth of experience under my belt and do a lot of different things.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here, but leave me a message when you do so I know where you’re coming from. Anything that’s linked below will take you to where I featured! For some, links are unavailable as they were for TV, are behind a firewall or are in print.

BeforeMyMamDies.com has been featured on:

SpilltheBeans.ie has been featured on:

I’ve personally featured on and in and written for:

I’m also currently the voice of a national TV and radio campaign by the Health Service Executive here in Ireland.

Companies I’ve worked with over the years in different capacities:

  • Lonely Planet
  • GamerFest
  • Her.ie
  • IMPACT Work & Life Magazine
  • Yes Chef Magazine
  • Cooks Academy
  • WorldIrish
  • Storyful
  • JustEat.ie Ireland’s Blue Book
  • Sligo Food Trail
  • British Council Ireland
  • Kingdom Guided Tours
  • H+A Marketing and PR
  • Annie’s Café
  • IMMA
  • Irish Quality Food Awards
  • Nós Magazine

Advertising, Campaigns, Content Creation

There are several options you can choose, should you decide that you’d like to work with me. All of these would require me chatting with you about what you’d like either by phone/email/Skype to get a better picture.

Branded Content: Your product/company receives its own promotional post written by me but in my own voice. How many times it’s shared and time frames can be negotiated. All posts supported by advertising must contain a disclosure statement within the piece.

Campaigns: Can include real-time social media coverage, several blog posts featuring the destination or brand, targeted social media events like Twitter chats or content creation.

Testing: Have ideas for what you’d like or would you to hire me for a specific project? Let me know!

Do you need some promotion? Invite me to your place and I’ll write a detailed review about it on my blog. Please note that all my travel expenses and time should be covered. What I can cover:

  • Press trips to promoting a destination
  • Accommodation reviews
  • Tour reviews
  • Travel equipment reviews
  • Air travel reviews
  • Travel/Food App reviews
  • Restaurant/Bar reviews

Please note about negative experiences: Hopefully, this won’t happen but in the case of a negative experience, you will be notified and we can discuss the situation privately and prior to publication. You will be given an opportunity to make a statement if you so wish that will be published in the subsequent post, thus giving a balanced account and an opportunity to give your say.

Brand Ambassadorship

I will only look to partner with brands that reflect my values for this site: companies that promote Irish tourism; brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainable tourism; These long-term partnerships (I hope!), would involve promoted the brand across my social media channels as well as on-site, tailored depending on the needs of the company.

Interested? I’d love to hear from you!