Mam and I are somewhat attached to books. If you saw our shelves at home, you’d almost wonder how the house hasn’t collapsed under the weight of them!

From charity shops to secondhand stores, to the latest in Chapters; our collection keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here’s what we’re dipping into at the moment.

Mam’s Reading:

Hanoi Stories – Pam Scott

The Blurb (Taken from Google Books)

After three brief business trips to Hanoi, Pam Scott became enamoured with the city, Vietnam’s intriguing capital. In 1994 she made a more permanent move, and lived and worked there for the next eight years. What she discovered was a more interesting, challenging and wonderful place than she could have imagined. In Hanoi Stories, Pam tells of an unexpected side to this city, and of the people she came to know and love. During her time in Hanoi, Pam moved outside the cloistered expat world and became involved in the lives of everyday Hanoians – cyclo drivers, postal workers, university students, ordinary families. She also opened Hanoi’s first English language bookshop and, among other things, took singing lessons, went ballroom dancing, had her fortune told Hanoi style, and ate some of the city’s more exotic offerings.

Úna-Minh’s Reading:

Insight Meditation – Joseph Goldstein 

The Blurb (Taken from Penguin Random House)

The fruit of some twenty years’ experience leading Buddhist meditation retreats, this book touches on a wide range of topics raised repeatedly by meditators and includes favorite stories, key Buddhist teachings, and answers to most-asked questions.

Notes on a Nervous Planet – Matt Haig

The Blurb (Penguin Random House)

Book Resources

If you’re lucky enough to be in one place for a long time, then the library a la Matilda is the best place for the best value, but here are some of our recommendations on what we use all the time:



One of Mam’s favourite websites to use, it’s particularly useful when you’re looking for books that are out of print! One of the main drawbacks though is that you have to wait for your book (unless you have a Kindle).

Chapters Bookstore

Cd0llanXEAAuvoSIf you’re in Dublin city then you’ll know that Chapters Bookstore is a goldmine for bookworms. With a slew of book deals in store and a wonderful secondhand section upstairs, it’s a fantastic resource (many a time have we found collectors’ books in their shelves).

Charity Shops

Who really cares of books have been thumbed through 50 times – that means that someone actually took the time out to read them! Three books for €1? Yes please. Some of our best book finds have been from charity shops AND you’re giving back to people. It’s a win-win situation.



The Trip Advisor for books – if you’re stuck on whether you should give a book a go, then Goodreads. Great for reviews, this nifty website is pretty handy when you’re on the go too.