Vietnam Diaries Part Five: How much is that in Dong?

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You could tell that the woman was smiling. Though the mask covered her face, the knowing lines surrounded her eyes. She beckoned us forward as we walked in parallel with her footsteps across Le Duan, [...]

Vietnam Diaries Part Four: Good morning Vietnam!

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Through the dense humidity, the scent of spice, coffee and herbs shine through the streets of Hanoi. We perch ourselves delicately down on little stools, and soon steaming bowls of beef noodle soup sit with us. [...]

Vietnam Diaries Part Three: T minus 11 hours

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“I’m getting excited, are you?” That pretty much sums up exactly how I’m feeling! This morning I was up bright and early to check into our Air France flight, as they don’t allow you to [...]

The Ultimate List of Cheap Things to Do and See in Dublin

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Are you a bargain hunter like me? Are you on a budget trip? Then this list is just for you! While there’s plenty of things to see in Dublin (and many free things too!), not [...]

Vietnam Diaries Part Two: Just 11 Days to go…

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It’s hard to believe that we’ll be in Vietnam in less than 2 weeks. So much has happened since then… For one, I left my job to travel (fingers crossed, full-time). I was also nominated [...]

Guide: How to Apply for a Vietnamese Tourist Visa from Ireland

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If you’re in Ireland and looking to sort out your Vietnamese Tourist Visa, then this is the guide for you because unfortunately, it’s not the most straightforward of processes! In this guide, we’ll go through [...]

Hidden Ireland: Glanteenassig Forest and Lough Caum

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Sitting on a bench and overlooking the water, there was not a sound to be heard but the whisper of the wind. “Off the beaten track”, is a phrase often used across many travel guides, [...]

Forget the Healy-Raes: Here are 10 Kerry people you should be talking about

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Look media people, we get it, you think the Healy-Raes are embarrassingly hilarious, and yes, we know they’re from Kerry. But why is that the only thing you focus in on when you write about [...]

The Ultimate List of Free Things to Do and See in Dublin

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Despite being known as one of the more expensive destinations in Europe, Dublin is still a fantastic city that’s brimming with culture and a lot of heart. The truth is, there are actually so many things [...]

Bits and Bobs: 8 Travel Essentials for Vietnam

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It’s hard to believe that our June trip to Vietnam is less than 40 days away (I even had a dream last night about missing the flight – that was a nightmare!) Apart from light [...]