Five Great Running Spots in Tralee

Blennerville Windmill January 2015

It’s only in recent years that we’ve been able to enjoy exercise together as mother and daughter. Mom has always been the more active one and when I was younger I preferred to watch Pokémon – running was definitely not on my agenda.

These days though we regularly go out walking together rain or shine and we’ve even walked 200km of the Camino.

Never did I think that I would be writing about great running spots!

Tralee in Co. Kerry is our hometown and while we’re very lucky that we can drive to the nearby beach in Fenit, it’s worth appreciating what we have around us too.

So get your trainers on and hop on out – who knows, you might see us too on your travels.


Tralee Town Park

The town park is quite lovely on a sunny afternoon. Stretching across 35 acres, it’s one of Ireland’s largest urban parks. You can simply park in Siamsa Tíre carpark to access it or across the road just in front of the Brandon Hotel.

Not just a place for exercise, if you’re like me and enjoy taking 10 minutes for yourself, you can sit in the Garden of the Senses.

For those more interested in running with a group, you can take part in Tralee’s Park Run which takes place every Saturday at 9.30am.

The Fat Mile

Known to locals as The Fat Mile, this spot on Bracken O’Reagan Road is the a decent stretch to tackle if you’re looking to get those legs moving.

On St. Stephen’s Day each year, a charity walk starts at the Brogue Inn, up the Rock, past Shanakill then across The Fat Mile and down Caherslee.

The Fat Mile

(Map via MapMyRun)

The Round

I’m not sure if it’s officially called the Round but that’s what myself and my Mammy call it as it’s a looped route.

It’s great for if you’re looking to get a mix of uphill and downhill areas that spans over 8.5km. Start off at the Aquadome and head up the hill from there (take a look at the route map I created below). This route will take you away from Tralee and through Blennerville village.

The Round is also super for a cycle too and often you will see groups of walkers, families and solo runners taking to the road. You could even combine this with running down the Tralee Ship Canal (see below) to extend it further.

Aquadome Route

(Map via MapMyRun)

Tralee Ship Canal

The canal itself is about 3.2km. You can park at the top of it at Lohercannon and walk either to the left or the right towards the town. The only thing is that it’s a bit uneven because of the gravel on the canal walkway so wear good running shoes.

People do cycle this route as well and it’s quite narrow so just be aware that if you have headphones on you might not hear the cyclists behind you.

Incidentally, Tralee Rowing Club also has its base there towards the town centre and I used to be their Club Captain!


Slí na n-Éan

One of my favourite spots that is really tucked away is Slí na n-Éan. Head to Blennerville Windmill and keep walking past the rundown cottages you’ll find the “Way of the Birds”. More a spot for a stroll rather than a run, it’s a beautifully scenic area that’s perfect if you love nature.

Just be aware that when the tide comes in from Tralee Bay, it can make some of the route very slippery underfoot. I recommended wearing walking shoes or boots.

Blennerville Windmill January 2015
You can see Slí na n-Éan in the distance here.

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