Where in the world? Our Trips and Travels in 2019

Let’s cut to the chase – where do we plan on going this year? So far, I have two trips booked. This March (and following our “every two years” trend), Mom and I are heading back to Vietnam. This will be the 5th time I’ll be back and Mom’s 6th; the first when she was adopting me way back in the nineties.

We’re expected to stay exclusively in Northern Vietnam (I am a Northern girl after all!) but we’ll be travelling around while we’re up there. Since we’ve gone back so many times, what’s lovely is that we don’t have to focus on many touristy things. Last time we were there we simply just did everything at our own pace and there wasn’t too much pressure to get things done. The more time we spend in the country the more things we discover.

Incidentally, check out our Hidden Hanoi post to see some of the non-touristy things to do in the city when you’re “touristed” out.

Like our last trip, we’re spending about three weeks in Vietnam which I believe is an ideal amount of time. If you’re planning on heading make sure you have at least two weeks to spare – trust me, it’s worth it. I’ll give more details as the trip goes on, but I’ll be updating our Instagram and our Facebook page of our adventures for that one.

Thankfully planning for Vietnam isn’t too hard on the wallet (the most expensive thing for us are the flights over there) but I’ve also things to consider like my travel insurance and vaccinations. This time around we chose e-Visas through the Vietnamese government here. This is the first time we’ve opted for these ones instead of physical ones but they’re much cheaper. Here’s hoping everything will be ok.

Following that massive trip, there will be a bit of a lull as I’ll be back in Ireland for a few months – I’m hoping to pop over to Berlin for a weekend event though. But in June I have another big trip. This won’t be with my Mom though, it will be with my partner and we’re heading to… PANAMA.

This will be my first time heading to somewhere on the isthmus linking Central and South America so I’m very excited. We’re going to spending about three weeks there also. Panama was voted as one of the top countries to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet. We don’t know much about it apart from the Panama Canal so this will be a real adventure for us. Sometimes you’ve got to experience something new and we can’t wait.

Mom and I are looking to also possibly head to Morocco at the end of the year. I’ll keep this blog updated as much as possible if anything new comes up but right now, this is where we’re at!

If you’d like to read about our travels last year you can check out our Camino Finisterra trip here and our Japan trip here.


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