The Camino Diaries – Road to Redondela

With an extra day in Vigo before Redondela in our hands, my friend Diana who’s also a fellow travel blogger offered to bring us on a spin to the beach.

Praia de Nerga was close to Vigo and was a white sanded paradise away from the grey industrial port. The water was crystal clear with gorgeous aquamarines and even though it was clearly very cold, I knew I had to dive in.

We lazed on the beach for hours eventually making our way back to meet up with another friend, Carla (who I also met in India!), who drove up from Portugal to meet us!

Up early to check out of the hotel and to beat the morning heat, it was finally time to pull on our boots properly and head to Redondela. The excitement we had walking through Vigo and seeing our first yellow arrows was immense. This was it!

As we made our way out into the countryside and into the forests, we could feel our enthusiasm rising with each step we took. The scenery was glorious but it was incredibly hot.

The Portuguese Coastal Camino is a quieter route than the French Way, and we didn’t meet many along our journey.

But a few hours into the walking and our legs began to feel that signature jelly feeling that so many walkers are accustomed to.

Redondela is just a small town outside of Vigo, and mightn’t seem so far away on Google Maps, but when you’re going uphill and downhill and winding along the place, it can seem like an age away!

Mom warned me in advance of this but what the Camino tends to sneakily do is say you’ve arrived at a place but the outskirts are HUGE thus giving you false hope that you’re nearing the end.

As we wove our way downhill we soon realised that we were at least 3km away from the main heart of Redondela and that’s when we started to get grumpy.

I think this is something everyone will experience once on their Camino adventure but when you’re wrecked and you really just want to sit down, every step is like forcing yourself to do a marathon.

Eventually and with much relief, we reached the town centre and sat down at the nearest café we could find. Located at the intersection of where Camino-ers (as we called them) and pilgrims from Fatima congregated, we met some of the people we would continue to spy along the way including very friendly Aussies and a husband/wife duo from the UK.

Despite the fact that we were tired, exhausted, sweaty and had aching bones, we were proud to have made it.

We checked into our hostel A Casa da Herba, took a siesta and refreshed ourselves for an afternoon of relaxing and recalibrating the batteries.

Next stop: Pontevedra

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  1. What a wonderful place! Spain is my favourite country in Europe and I love finding out about an amazing beaches like that! Thank you for sharing! Love your photos!

    1. Oh fabulous! So much to see in Spain 😀

  2. I cant wait to start traveling and exploring through Spain. To find little hidden beaches like this. Great pics 😀

    1. Spain is great! Love the food there. They really appreciate any attempt at the language too.

  3. This looks like such a fun day! Never been to spain, but I really want to. And I’m encouraged by your travels with Mom, I hope my girls will do the same.

    1. Fingers crossed Megan – travelling with Mom can be so rewarding 🙂

  4. I always love to meet people while on the road! It makes the travel experience even more interesting and valuable! And Spain is one great place to make friends easy while admiring the beautiful nature and discovering the cultural heritage!

    1. Totally agree! Spain is very enjoyable 🙂

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