Travelling with Mom: Irish Bloggers Share Their Adventures

Travelling with Mom

Travelling with Mom

For some, travelling with parents can be an exhausting and stressful experience. But for many others, travelling with their Mom can be heart-warming and the ultimate bonding experience.

I’m of the latter mind. For me, there would be no travel bug without my Mom. After all, she’s the one who inspired this blog of mine too.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, below are favourite memories from Irish bloggers on travelling with their moms.  If you have any too, I would love to hear yours!

Katia Valadeau – Proper Food

Just before I turned 13, my parents separated. It was not a pleasant separation as far as those can go and the next few years were difficult. My mam died two years ago now and so it is for these very reasons that I remember this holiday with such fondness.

My mam’s dad is from Guadeloupe, which is part of the French Caribbean islands. This is where he was born and where a large portion of my family remains. My mum decided that in order to escape the drudgery of separation, she would take my brother and I to the island of her ancestors.

We got onto a large plane, one of the big ones they use for the long haul flights. This was before, I developed a fear of flying, but that’s a story for another time. Back in those days (I’m thinking 1989 or 1990), you could still smoke on planes. I remember the haze of smoke from the smoking section. My mam was a smoker and so we spent a fair bit of time in there. I also remember that this was the first time I was given a tomato juice on a plane. It’s the random things you remember.

We had a wonderful two weeks travelling around Guadeloupe, reconnecting with family and roots. My great granny was bedridden and her gold teeth were missing. In my teenage mind, this was worthy of Agatha Christie under the sun. The teeth were found in the maid’s purse. They have maids a lot over there.

I also remember the goat who attacked my brother. I laughed a lot that day and ever since when I recall it. Goats are strange. I remember that the night falls fast and darker than anywhere else I’ve ever been. I remember the pleasure of bathing in the sea when it rained, and how the water I was swimming in was warmer than the water falling from the sky.

I remember the food, which deserves a post all by itself.

But most importantly, I remember my mam.

Tara Povey – Where is Tara?

I have been travelling with my mother ever since I can remember. When I was barely able to walk she brought me from New Zealand to America on my first long-haul flight. She’s been showing me the world ever since. OK, I know that as a child I HAD to travel with my mother, but the thing is, we never stopped.

I’ve been to 42 countries and 18 of those were with my mam. We’ve been to Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Canada, The Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand and more. In fact, if I visit or move to a new country she usually uses it as an excuse to visit. I guess you’re wondering how we get one? Well, of course, we do occasionally fight but I know she’ll never abandon me on the road. And we always forget about it in the morning. There’s such a sense of security when I travel with my

There’s such a sense of security when I travel with my mam. She doesn’t worry about me travelling by myself because she’s there. And I, as the child, just always feel better when my mam is around. And no, she doesn’t cramp my style. In fact, if I want to wander off to some bar or go meet up with friends she’s perfectly happy to chill in the hotel.

Though honestly, all of my friends love her and I’d be fine taking her on a night out, haha. She’s always up for an adventure too. I even brought her snorkelling with sharks in the Maldives. She’s spontaneous and laid back (mostly) and so much fun to travel with. Plus, every time we travel together we create incredible memories! If you haven’t tried travelling with your parents, I highly recommend that you do.


Ciara Gunn – Irish Travel Key 

My mum was the type of person who knew all the Ryanair hacks before anyone. Do you remember when they use only allow the one bag? Well my mum brought a big black bag put it around her carry on and the handbag so she only had the one bag. Honestly, she was hilarious and had the theory, some people like expensive clothes and cars, I prefer holidays. Growing up I was fortunate enough to benefit from this. My mum sadly passed away a few years ago, so thankfully I had the opportunity to have more than a few trips with her. Our last trip was in November 2010.

Earlier that same year I was working in Sydney on the year working visa, never quite settled, while I loved Australia and the friends I made, I was drawn to coming home, mainly as I knew I wanted to spend more time with my mum (looking back coming early was the very best decision I ever made). Anyway I got a phone call one day on my way to work from mum asking had I any ideas when I was coming home as she would love to go to California and she found a great deal.

I laughed, booked a flight home and I was home a month later just before my birthday in July. So, a few months later we left Cork with my aunt, my mum’s sister for 10 days in San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. It was a trip of a lifetime. From walking the Vegas strip and a trip to the Grand Canyon to Universal Studios. My personal favourite, though? San Francisco, it was our first stop and the best time. The funniest memory was coming back from Alcatraz and popping into a bar for a hot whisky. After explaining to the bartender how to make them, we had more than the one that was intended. Both my mum and my aunt were too hilarious and is such a funny happy memory to have forever. Very precious indeed.

My personal favourite, though? San Francisco, it was our first stop and the best time. The funniest memory was coming back from Alcatraz and popping into a bar for a hot whisky. After explaining to the bartender how to make them, we had more than the one that was intended. Both my mum and my aunt were too hilarious and is such a funny happy memory to have forever. Very precious indeed!

Elaine McArdle – The Whole World is a Playground

My mum is one of my favourite people to travel with and I hold her fully accountable for my travel addiction! We celebrated her retirement with two round the world tickets that took us to North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia and since then we’ve travelled to over 25 countries together and have shown no signs of stopping!

My favourite travel memory to date is of our ladies trip to Vietnam where we travelled to Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An and Hue. From watching her deep in discussion with the Vietnamese ladies at the top of the Hai Van Pass as they chatted intently about their respective grandchildren, to her dissolving into fits of giggles when I set my camera strap on fire in a Ho Chi Minh hotel lobby, to witnessing her terrible bartering skills in the markets (my turn to fall over laughing!) every moment was an adventure and one which still makes me smile. Here’s to many more mother and daughter travel adventures in the future!

Here’s to many more mother and daughter travel adventures in the future!

Clair Kelly – Where’s Clair?

From the time she was 14 and studying Geography at school, my Mam was fascinated by Iceland. For years she told me of her dreams of witnessing the Northern lights and experiencing the natural wonders such as the great geysers and the geothermal baths. I promised that someday we would go and last year, for the first time in my adult life, I felt financially stable enough to treat my Mam to her trip of a lifetime.

I have never seen my Mam so excited when on our first night, after an hour standing in the freezing cold staring at the pitch black sky, the Northern Lights made a sudden but grand appearance. The look of awe on her face as we watched aurora borealis dance across the sky was priceless.

Day two was spent travelling around the Golden Circle where we witnessed the explosion of the geyser and one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls. To add to the magic, it began to snow.

Our trip was so full of special and funny memories. We picked a small geothermal spring that we unofficially named “Kelly’s Geyser”. Later that night we bonded over the local beer and on our final day we splashed out and sipped Prosecco in the Blue Lagoon. I laughed so much when Mam licked the stones to “see if they were salty”.

Our trip to Iceland was such an amazing time filled with special memories and I loved seeing my Mam relax. If you have a chance to travel with you parent as an adult I would say take it. Mam and I had such a wonderful time and of course Dad had a welcome break from us too!

Many thanks to all of these ladies for sharing their stories. Here’s to all the great mammies out there and to our memories, ones that we will cherish forever. You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.


Hello! Úna-Minh is a journalist, social media consultant and virtual assistant who loves (you guessed it) TRAVEL. She also feels a bit strange writing in the third person so she'll stop that now. You can find out more about me and my Mammy in the about section of this blog!

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  1. Being a father I know I must appreciate my mother. I’m taking my mother to Iceland next week to create memories with her that the guys above created with their mothers. More people should appreciate time with their mothers and take them on adventures!

    1. Absolutely! And hope ye both have a fabulous time 🙂 Gotta appreciate the time we have on this beautiful earth.

  2. Alesha NOMADasaurus

    This makes me want to take my Mum on holidays. Cherish every moment. Mothers do so much and expect nothing in return. Absolutely wonderful human beings. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They’re really fab aren’t they? Thanks for commenting Alesha!

  3. Oh yes, I know what is like when I take my parents on a road trip or so. 🙂 They don’t travel much any more and they are like kids, all happy, smiling and thrilled when they are treated with ice cream. It’s silly, we usually laugh at this, all three of us, when we get back. 😀 Thanks for the post, it’s heartwarming!

    1. I’m sure you have many fond memories Danijela!

  4. So nice to read these stories. I don’t really get along with mom, and can’t imagine that we would ever travel together.

  5. I love traveling with anybody, even my mom! She’s also the one who inspired my wanderlust!

    1. Fantastic! Same here Corinne 😀

  6. What a lovely and heartwarming post about women who travel with their moms. I wish I could do this but my mom passed away, so it’s good to see women really enjoying their time with their moms!

    1. Thank you Kelly! Here’s hoping that you have fond memories 🙂

  7. We really love your article. Traveling with family is one of our favorite things to do, nothing beats adventure with family. We love your photos too much!!

    1. Thank you so much! It can be a great adventure!

  8. Interesting post. I need to travel with my mom too!

    1. Do! It can be quite the adventure and often you learn a lot about each other.

  9. Mom is her daughter first best friend. Enjoying with mom is like enjoying with a bunch of friends. Love this article

    1. That’s a lovely way to put it Sourav!

  10. This makes me want to travel more with my mum. We would probably kill each other but it would be such an amazing experience to share together 🙂 We should definitely all travel with our families more. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Hayley! I think it’s definitely an experience that’s worth having at least once for sure!

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