When in Turkey: Don’t jump!


I remember the doctor brushing the sand away from my backside, as I lay in the foyer. His needle at the ready. It was probably one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life and all over a miscalculation of a stupid jump!

My memories of Turkey are limited but mostly tinged with amusement. There are two particular stories that stand out, but one triumphs the other.

It was around 2003 and we were staying the Perili Bay Resort in Datca on Turkey’s coast. Mom and I both have sailing experience and our resort was part of Sunsail, who were seen at the time as sailing holiday experts. I was 13 and had recently gotten my Intermediate Small-Boat Sailing certificate (which I still have on my CV today!).

Every day we were greeted with the sparkling blue water and gentle waves. We were in a tourist bubble, away from the bustle and it was heavenly warm.

The day of the “incident”, we had spent the day skippering a yacht with friends, sailing up the Turkey coast looking for somewhere to lunch. Incidentally and amusingly too, we didn’t have a dinghy so we had to anchor the yacht away from the shore and swim in carrying our personal belongings above our heads. Spot the tourists, anyone?

Overall, though, we had made good work with our yachting skills. Mom worked away with the “proper” adults, and I expertly avoided getting hit by the boom with my friends.


But feeling overly confident after our day out at sea, when we arrived back to Perili, I stupidly felt that I had to make a triumphant exit to land. After all, wasn’t yachting all about looking cool? My 13-year-old self certainly thought so.

And so: I jumped.

In slow motion, my confidence was shattered. My leg slipped and dragged up the side of the jetty, tearing the skin as I pulled myself up the wooden side. I emitted a noise that sounded oddly like an injured seal and manoeuvred so I ended up facing the yacht.

I wailed like a baby.

Worried that I might get some sort of infection, the doctor was called immediately to the resort to administer a tetanus shot. My “cool meter” was tragically spiralling into the gutter by this stage.

I kept wailing.

With not a word of English, he indicated for me to lie across one of the couches in the lobby. Clearing the sand away from my swimming togs, I immediately cringed.

Surely he wasn’t going to inject me here?!

I glanced briefly around at Mom who was equally embarrassed and tried to reassure myself that I probably wouldn’t see these people ever again.

With swift movement, the needle was in and out of my backside. And as quickly as he arrived, the doctor vanished.

In the days that followed, I kept my eye out for any suspicious looking opportunities to look cool. My jumping antics were kept to a minimum. I instead focused on something clearly more important: the cute boy Simon from the UK. I had learned my lesson.

While this is a memory that still makes me blush over 13 years later, I can’t help but let a chuckle escape every time I recall it.

Because after all, how many people can say they got an injection in the arse in a hotel lobby?!

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Hello! Úna-Minh is a journalist, social media consultant and virtual assistant who loves (you guessed it) TRAVEL. She also feels a bit strange writing in the third person so she'll stop that now. You can find out more about me and my Mammy in the about section of this blog!

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  1. Turkey is so beautiful and I love your picture of the boat! I’m sorry that you injured yourself but am glad that it’s now just a story you can retell and that you recovered okay! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sophie! It’s a great country for sure, I overall had a great time.

  2. Hilarious story!! I think I can remember being 13 and doing something of a similar affect. Amazing shots as well. Very nice (:

    1. Thanks Sydney! Glad you enjoyed it

  3. What a lovely narrative! I could feel standing next to you on there…no, i could feel myself in your shoes. Incidents like these stay with us forever, enriching our lives with their extra spice.

    1. Thank you Punita for your kind words I enjoy writing so much, it gives me such a release.

  4. I have only seen Turkey in pictures, and yours certainly makes it look beautiful. I was cringing reading about the moment your injury happened, your story made me feel as if I was right there watching it unfold.

    1. Thanks Haylee! Really appreciate you reading

  5. Interesting incident that you have narrated. When we look back in time we cannot but help smile at some of the foolhardy things that we have done during our teens. I guess it is a part of growing up.

    1. That’s exactly it Sandy!

  6. Ouch, sounds like an interesting experience. Well at least you can now look back and laugh at yourself 🙂

    1. Exactly! Thanks for reading Mike

  7. I feel like the most embarrassing moments always seem to happen in the strangest ways. Hopefully, things panned out as your mom said they would and you haven’t run into a single soul that had witnessed this debacle since you were 13 years old. 🙂 Cheers to seeing the humor in this!

    1. That’s it exactly! It’s fun to look back on the stories with a tinge of humour 🙂

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