Vietnam Diaries Part Two: Just 11 Days to go…

It’s hard to believe that we’ll be in Vietnam in less than 2 weeks. So much has happened since then…

For one, I left my job to travel (fingers crossed, full-time). I was also nominated for the Travel Media Awards that were held in the Westbury  Hotel (I didn’t win but still had an amazing time, and met some great people).

Alexs photo from Travel Media Awards
With Alex Gibson from DIT, Clair Kelly from Where’s Clair and Kelly Donegan!

Mom and I have also managed to spend a lot of quality time together (shout out to Skellig!), and thankfully we had the weather for it.

The final preparations are underway for Vietnam, pretty much everything is sorted. The only major thing left is to book our seats on the plane (which incidentally, and annoyingly you can’t select until 30 hours before your flight).

My Vietnamese is still basic. It’s not the easiest of languages to learn but what I’m really trying to do is recognise words. This, I think will at least help me through menus and signs.

Thankfully Duolingo (a language-learning app), as finally said that Vietnamese is their latest featured language, which is pretty exciting! Hopefully, I’ll learn a bit more before I go.

We also got our visas, which being honest was a bit of a pain in the hoop to get. There’s no Vietnamese Embassy in Ireland which means we have to go through the UK for everything. Though we did have the option to go for Visa upon arrival, it wasn’t a risk we were willing to take this time around. You can read my guide on getting Vietnamese visas from Ireland here.

Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, I’ll be able to access the blog when we’re over there. I’ll be trying to update our Snapchat was we go along. But I reckon the majority of our updates will be on Facebook!

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Hello! Úna-Minh is a journalist, social media consultant and virtual assistant who loves (you guessed it) TRAVEL. She also feels a bit strange writing in the third person so she'll stop that now. You can find out more about me and my Mammy in the about section of this blog!

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  1. Looking forward to following you progress Una!!

    1. Yay! Fingers crossed the Internet will be kind to me 😉

  2. Best of luck on your trip, Una. I envy you. I would urge you to familiarise yourself with currency BEFORE you go.I was conned out of E60 equivalent by taxi driver on arrival in Saigon. He added extra zero to my fare. Regards Terry.

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