Trá na Fhíona or Wine Strand in English is the perfect spot if you’re really looking to escape from it all.

It’s a small beach that’s tucked away among houses and sheep and what’s great about it is that we’ve never seen more than 10 people on Wine Strand at a time.


This family greeted us along the way

This place holds a quiet beauty that’s only really interrupted by the sound of the waves in the background. You have to walk down a grassy pathway to get to the beach for about 5 minutes or so but it’s ultimately incredibly secluded. It’s also a great place for foraging!

There’s a small place for cars and on arrival we recommend simply hopping out of the car and breathing in that great Atlantic ocean air. If you look across the water you can see Ballydavid village (Baile na nGall) where my Grandad was born!

If a walk tickles your fancy you can weave your way around the coast and hit Béal Bán, another fabulous stretch of beach with real sand that coats your toes.


As mentioned, this beach is also a great spot for foraging seaweed as myself and Mom discovered with expert forager Darach Ó Murchú back in 2015. Note: You do need to keep an eye out on tide tables to access the abundance of seaweed at Wine Strand.

If none of that takes your fancy, simply settle down on a rock, listen to waves and kick back and relax. There’s no better place to be a sunny day.

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