The inside of the Champagne and Vanilla chocolate egg

Mom is a self-proclaimed chocoholic and years ago when we discovered Skelligs solid chocolate Easter eggs, we fell in love. We’ve been getting an egg, every year, ever since.


“I love the surprise of the hard and softer chocolate but most of all I love the solidity of it. The fact that it’s a solid egg…” says Mom, “I love that it’s from Kerry and I’m proud of it. I think it’s wonderful!”

Skelligs Chocolate do a variety of different products (they have a hollow egg too) but to be honest, we’re just mad for the egg – especially since we only get it once a year.

Now the downside is, is that it’s not cheap (obviously), given the weight of it. The large one costs €35 for 1kg or €15 for 390g. BUT if you consider all the rubbishy eggs that you can get, well why wouldn’t you go for one that actually tastes awesome?

This egg gives all those cheap, hollow eggs a run for their money. It’s not one that you can simply just scoff down – you actually get to savour it.

Another way we like to use the remainder of the egg is to top yoghurt with grated chocolate.

A long time ago we visited the factory when it was very small and there was just a teeny counter to say “hello”, but now it’s so much bigger than that! More info on their website here.

(Below, opening our 2013 egg!)

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