How to Apply for an Indian Visa from Ireland

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Thinking of heading to India on holidays? Looks like you’re going to need an Indian Visa for the journey. Below is my experience of applying for one here in Ireland. To date, I’ve found visa [...]

How to fly when you hate flying

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If the idea of flying scares the bejeebus out of you, I feel your pain. I may love to travel but I absolutely hate flying. Unlike my Mom who flies like a pro, I’m terrified [...]

When in Turkey: Don’t jump!

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I remember the doctor brushing the sand away from my backside, as I lay in the foyer. His needle at the ready. It was probably one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life and all [...]

A caravan in Cork: A night full of laughter

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As the rickety caravan swayed side-by-side and the rain poured down on our roof and into the back of our capsule, we couldn’t help but laugh. With the ocean at our doorstep, a caravan on [...]

“And that was the 7th time I died”: Rated and Reviewed Game of Thrones Tour in Belfast

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Greetings! Before we begin this Game of Thrones review, let’s start with the quick and non-TV spoiler review of the tour: We (Úna-Minh and my partner) chose to do the Belfast Winterfell Locations tour with [...]

Rated and Reviewed: The Titanic Experience in Belfast

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“Take a left, and then another left and then a right and head straight on and keep going on and on and you should see it on your left!” The Belfast accent was so strong [...]

10 Great Things to Head to in Dublin this December

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Are you sitting at home twiddling your thumbs? Wondering what Dublin could possibly offer you this December? Fear not! I know that we’re already a few days into this Christmas month, but there are so [...]

Tales from Italy: Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be

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“You must stay on the board” “Really??” I exhaled with frustration. Stressed out in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy wasn’t how I imagined how my holiday was going to be. After all, in 2003 I [...]

Your vote is needed: Help me get to Kerala!

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Kerala Blog Express is an initiative by Kerala Tourism that offers travel bloggers an opportunity to take part in a two-week road trip through north and south Kerala in India. On a whim and tipped [...]

Tales From Abroad: Behind the clicks of our cameras were Vietnamese women full of life – now gone

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At 5pm the government's megaphone blared out messages of the day. “Propaganda!” our Vietnamese guide mused, as we stared across the rice fields. A spike in the grass, the speaker was hoisted atop dark juts [...]